digital marketing
demands functional ideas

More than the stuff you make, marketing, is about the stories you tell. To get our ideas across to the audience, there cannot be a better way than storytelling! Through our creative online/ digital strategies, we ensure our customers achieve their complete potential and derive the best business outcomes.

brand marketing is telling compelling stories

Our primary focus is to conceive brand stories that best communicate your DNA & create concepts that define the brand persona. The battle is half won when the brand name emotionally connects with its customers. 

“Your Brand is a Story Unfolding Across All Customer Touch Points” – Jonah Sachs

From creating the brand identity & brand positioning to brand communication & perception, we seamlessly integrate online & offline branding strategies to ensure we do justice to the Brand Vision. 

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remain responsive across devices

Design is about knowing the pattern of consumption and valuing the audience. Staying relevant, making them access information in a jiffy and providing an unmatched experience with your brand is the core of our design philosophy. 

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fall in love with our APPROACH & SERVICES

Content Strategy

All the linkable assets are in line with the SERP. We ensure content creation to distribution happens in the most optimised manner.

SEO Tingg

GO2MARKET Strategy

Solution-based approach = Identifying your business areas that make the most sense to focus on + helping decide how to measure the performance in those areas and hit the market with robust GO2MARKET Strategy.

Brand Infusion

Tingg works as a brand consultant on the film sets! Our team of reliable visual communication & old advertising hands ensure our partner brands are optimised in every charged frame.

Amazingly Responsive

All our designs are highly compatible with mobile devices and cross platforms. All web vitals are considered at every aspect of design. User experience is god!

Unique Approach

We understand that performance measurement & target setting are imperative to the growth process & the best way to measure business performance is through results. Our job is to deliver results through our marketing campaign ideas that make our clients happy.

Tingg Content

Real-time Stats

We work with many automation and AI tools to be most updated in the digital space. Our insights and reports form the core to various functional ideas.

working with passion

We have developed a deep interest in understanding our customer requirements. We design services to excite them. We are slowly inching towards creating a delightful experience for our customers – We are a little too honest, but transparency is our virtue!